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1.) Phone: 021 786 9325 or 0835095505
2.) See “Contact Page” of this website to send an email.

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The prices vary according to the international exchange rates.

Tibetan / Himalayan Singing Bowls

Prices vary according to weight, height, diameter, wall thickness & quality of Sound. Each bowl is individually priced & has its own unique Sound.

On average they range between R1000.00 and R2500.00

Singing Bowls

Crystal Quartz Bowls

These are exceptional purchases for the person who decides that a Crystal Quartz Singing Bowl is a must for their Collection. The beautiful clarity of sound powerfully fills the room to be easily heard by a group of people.

  1. 7 inch diameter – R6000.00
  2. 7 inch diameter – F Note (Heart) – R6500.00
  3. 8 inch diameter – R6750.00
  4. 8 inch diameter – F# Note (Heart) – R7250.00
  5. 9 inch diameter – R7750.00
  6. 9 inch diameter – F# Note (Heart) – R8000.00
  7. 10 inch diameter – R8500.00
  8. 11 inch diameter – R9500.00
  9. Chamois Mallet R175.00
  10. Chamois Mallet with Rubber top R190.00

PLEASE NOTE: Bowls are supplied with a rubber “O” Ring on which they rest.

The manufacturers charge extra for “F” and “F#” Note bowls because of the very high demand for these bowls, as it is said to be the tone of the Heart Chakra.

Tibetan Bells & Vajras/ Dorjes

  1.  Medium Bells (approx. 80 to 90mm diameter)
    R480.00 including Dorje

  2. Large Bells (approx. 115mm diameter)
    R520.00 including Dorje (presently not in stock)


These are the heavier Cymbals, not the lightweight ones.

75mm diameter Tingshaws R320.00

Tuning Forks

OM Tuning Fork R500.00

Chakra Tuning Fork Set (7 Forks) R3000.00

Solfeggio Set (6 Forks) R2570.00

Tam Tam Gongs

  • 60cms Diameter R6,990. (In stock x1)
  • 70cms Diameter R10,700. (In stock x3)
  • 80cms Diameter R14,950. (In stock x2)
  • 101cms Diameter with Specialized Circular Frame Stand R45,000. (In stock x1)

* Each Gong comes with a Mallet

* Feng Gongs – Ordered on Request


‘Blessings in Eternity’

Music CD – R150.00

Blessings in Eternity cd cover

Group Sound Meditations:

If you wish to invite friends to my home or around to your home for a Group Sound Meditation, then you are welcome to phone me. 021 7869325 or 083 5095505

  1. A group of special friends at my home in Simonstown – min 8 people @ R250.00 per person.
  2. A group of your special friends at your home in Southern Suburbs area – min 10 people @ R300.00 per person.
  3. IF your home is further afield, then min 15 people or more @ R350.00 per person. Petrol expenses to be added to this.
  • It is usual that the host hands me an envelope containing the attendees collection for the Meditation, before the Sound Meditation begins. This is energetically the most refined and fluid way of exchange.
  • Note: The same per person price is applicable if there are more people than the minimum amount.
  • I have an AirBnB cottage, known as “Windhorse Way” that is completely independent from the main house. It has become quite popular for Clients to arrange a weekend away with special friends to spend time in Simonstown with all its sights and Cape Peninsula holiday attractions. On one of the days a Group Sound Meditation is arranged. There is a king size bed in the one room and two single beds in the second bedroom. It has its own kitchen and bathroom with braai facilities in a private patio outside. It is literally across the road from 3 beaches and the Penguins. Go to my AirBnB site and see the description and the details for yourself. 
Sound Meditation weekends at "Windhorse Way" AirBnB in Simonstown
Sound Meditation weekends at "Windhorse Way" AirBnB in Simonstown

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