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In Sanskrit it was RUH – breath, spirit

In Hebrew it was RUACH – creation, divinity

In Latin it was SPIRITUS – inspiration, breath of God

In Greek it was PNEUMA – wind, soul

It is said that the most beautiful Sound is found in Silence.

For who too, can appreciate the Light without Darkness

NADA is used throughout my website. Here is the explanation of this symbol.
Nada is the subtle & perennial Sound; Sound within Silence of Compassion & Peace. Nada is the first stirring within, that heralds the beginning of the evolutionary process & from which radiates energy and matter : – space, formless atmosphere, fire, water and earth – the basic constituents of the ever-evolving universe.
Nada is also experienced by an unagitated mind that leads to eternal bliss.
HEALING SOUNDS – This is an information website. Purchases are made by contacting me directly:Phone: 021 786 9325 or 0835095505
Through Sound it is possible to change rhythms of our brainwaves, our heartbeat as well as our respiration. These principles of using resonance and entrainment are fundamental concepts behind the use of Sound to heal and transform. From ancient times, sound and music is used as a powerful tool for self-transformation. It facilitates the experience of ourselves and in so doing, we experience mankind and the rest of the world.
I have a showroom in Simonstown, Cape Town. People who live within the Cape Town area, make an appointment to come to my home & select what they want for themselves. My upcountry clients order all the time from the quality of sound that they hear over the phone. Their selection is made purely on the audible level without being distracted by seeing the article in front of them. They have always been happy with their choice.                                                                                            
I look forward to hearing from you.
Lindi offers from her home in Simonstown:-
Sound Therapy.
Group Sound Meditations.
Selling: Tibetan Bells, Himalayan Singing Bowls, Crystal Quartz Singing Bowls, Tuning Forks, Tingshaws & Wuhan Gongs

Lindi te Water
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